Honesty, natural charisma and kindness make Antokha MC not only the new hero of the music industry in Russia, but also a unique person who is the main hero of this film.

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The police stop Anton Kuznetsov in the yard of his own neighborhood and here starts the journey of Antokha MC. One summer, one year or one friendship. Small stations from Volog-da to Nizhny Novgorod, from a Russian EDM festival to an architecture exhibition in Kiev. Everything that made hundreds of thousands of people feel inspired with the art of this gawky, constantly smiling guy with a heavy backpack is not said out loud, but you can still feel it in each frame. Honesty, natural charisma, and kindness make Antokha MC not only the new hero of the music industry, but also a unique person, who is the main hero of this film.



  • projection time:
    76 min.
  • country/year:
    Russia / 2019
  • director:
    Maxim Tomash
  • pictures:
    Maxim Tomash, Alexey Kurbatov, Vlad Fishez
  • production:
    Pavel Karykhalin, Polina Tomash / Stereotactic
  • awards :
    2019 – IFF Rotterdam

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