This Train I Ride

This Train I Ride

Somewhere in the United States, today. Three women have chosen a life of travel, with no particular destination in mind.

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Somewhere in the United States, today. A freight train crosses the landscape like a giant steel snake. To catch this train, you have to wait for nightfall so you’re not seen. Because it’s illegal. I’m doing it to follow some hobos* (*vagabonds). They’re women, on their own, and they’ve chosen a life of travel, with no particular destination in mind. Amid the noise of the iron horse, they adopt me as a traveling companion and tell their stories to my camera. I try to grasp what their ultimate quest is. They’re stronger than men, stronger than society. They are free.



  • projection time:
    77 min.
  • country/year:
    France, Finland / Francja, Finlandia
  • director:
    Arno Bitschy
  • awards :
    2019 – IDFA Amsterdam, 2019 – IFF Helsinki

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